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I try to create a simple random opening windows RC.

I want my window adapt to the size of the spline. But with the "adaptive mode", when the windows is open all it stretch badly. I don't have this issue with the "Tiles Mode" but it's less flexible.

How could i fixe that with the adaptative mode?


Paul Roberts:
Hi, If you have a RailClone Pro license, please post your questions in the RC Pro forum.
support for RailClone Lite and on other boards support is limited to generic questions about the product, not for specific cases.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Paul,

I'm Railclone Pro and Forest Pack Pro user, but i can't create new topic in Railclone Pro/FP Pro section.


You can add permissions for the Pro forums to your account, at User Panel->Forum Accounts.
I was going to add it, but unfortunately i cannot find any account registered to your e-mail address (probably it was created with a different e-mail).

If you need help with this, please contact with our support team.


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