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I try to create shutter in RC.

I used an Selector for 3 positions: ID1 Radomly open/ ID2 Open/ ID3 Close.

I created 3 Generators, the first for the structure, with 2 translations Xoffset (3cm for the start, -3cm for the end).
the second for the left Shutter at the start and the last one right shutter in the opposite value, i tried to made all shutter in the same generators but with the mirrors one shutter go in the wall.

I would like to use expression for Xoffset, how can i tell to RC "when i put 10cm in the Xoffset do -10cm for the seconde generator" ?


Paul Roberts:

You have a couple of options. You could simply multiply the value by -1 to create the inverse, or you could use the Negate Value macro found in Macros > Arithmetic > Negate Value.

I hope that helps,


It help me very well!

Thank you so much Paul!



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