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Railclone - variation on X-axis Via Transform not Scale - for Wall Cladding

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Hi all,

I am trying to achieve the same cladding as attached. The width of each brick must be 59.5cm and the height should be 4cm. So, according to a lot of the tutorials I saw, the x-variation is achieved by scaling the individual segment via it's own random scaling parameter.

My problem though is that I cannot use that technique because the segments need to be very precise in width and height. I need to scatter them randomly 6 to 8 rows down and then maybe a repetition on the 8th. I realize this sounds convoluted but it should be clearer with the images.

I followed along on the tutorial called "QUICK TIP: Creating a strip style parquet floor with RailClone in 3ds Max" (https://youtu.be/qZfXVu17zk4) and it works fine except that the x-start will only ever reference the initial two segments and be perfectly spaced the same 50% apart each time.

Please Help.

Paul Roberts:

Thanks for the question. I think in your case you don't need to use the sequence operator. Just wire your full-size segment directly to the Conditional Node's false input, and then the other segment wired directly to the True input can have its X Scale randomised to create the offsets per row.

I hope that helps,

Hi Robert,


Thank you very much for the help.

As you can see herewith - the problem has been solved perfectly.

Kind regards!  8) :D

Paul Roberts:
Excellent - glad we could help out!



Me again - hehe

Now that the setup is working - I would like to align the horizontal lines of mutliple railclones with one another (see attached). I'm thinking to export the parameters so I can change them on the fly as I attach them to splines.

I just do not know exactly how to shift the entire array as X-offset just shifts it in a direction leaving me with gaps between te geo and the clipping spline.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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