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Artem Bobrov:
Paul, deleted my post but you are so quickly with reply. )

I try to use as little third party scripts as possible. If its not impossible without them I will use copy of the spline for 3ds max sweep modifier to make caps.
Thank you for your feedback, now I need to understand the logic of your style and reproduce.

04.09.22 - Update

Hello, Paul.
Thanks a lot for your help. I studied your styles, and reproduce by myself.

Some new knowledge for me.
Macros Scale to Array - very cool. I think will use it in a lot of rail clones.
Spline Offset - nice script, will keep it in mind. But for now I use standart Max's "outline" in the modify panel.

There is something that I cant understand
Why do you use macros Divide By N?

Paul Roberts:
Glad we could help out.

I use that Divide by N (in this case 2) macro to ensure that the pitch of the roof at the hip is the same as the sides. Basically dividing the Y size of the array by 2. It's not strictly necessary if that angle isn't so important.



Artem Bobrov:
Understand, thank you.

Best regards,
Artem Bobrov.


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