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Artem Bobrov:
Hello to all.

Im trying to study RailClone and already make some easy styles. But now I'm stucked, can anybody please help?

1. This is chimney cap that I try to reproduce by RailClone.
2-3. Stovepipes have different sizes, they are longer or wider, thats why in some cases I've got hole or intersections.
4. Stovepipes that I need to cap

How can I say to RailClone to weld vertices?

Thank you in advance

Paul Roberts:
Hello Artem,

I'm happy to take a look at this. A pitched cap that either overlaps or leaves a gap is a limitation with building the style in this way. Before I mock up an alternative I just wanted to ask - are the stove pipes always rectangular?

Also, I see you have a RC Pro license so I'll edit the permissions of your account so you can post in the Pro forum,


Artem Bobrov:
Hello, Paul.
Thanks for your reply.

"I just wanted to ask - are the stove pipes always rectangular?"

No. They are different forms. I'll attach screenshot with stovepipes.

"Also, I see you have a RC Pro license so I'll edit the permissions of your account so you can post in the Pro forum"

Thank you. Next questions I'll post in those thread.

Paul Roberts:
Thanks for the clarification.

Unfortunately with irregular shaped items, the pitched capping is quite difficult to make work with RailClone's approach to array based modelling. You can see an attempt to solve it in the attached file, although I have also used our free Spline Offset plugin to first parametrically offset the spline inwards.

Here are a couple of other notes.

 - Appy Spline Offset to the Spline, decrease the Distance to offset the spline. Change Material ID to Fixed and give it a value of 2
 - In RailClone use an L1S array to add the pitched part of the roof. Make sure you use Limits > Material ID to only use the inset spline
 - The Roof segment has it's Y Alignment set to pivot.
 - To cap the roof, use an A2S array, also limited to Mat ID2. Wire the spline to the Clipping Area input and use Extend X/Y Size to area.

If however the areas are rectangular, then it's a lot easier. You can simply scale the segments to fill the array using the Scale to Array macro (also in attached file).

I hope it helps, please let me know if you have any further questions about this setup.


Paul Roberts:

The Missing modifier is our Spline Offset plugin. It's free and available here: https://www.itoosoft.com/freeplugins/splineoffset

The other issue is probably because I used the new version of the Symmetry modifier and saved back to a previous max version. Attached is a version with a collapsed mesh.



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