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Author Topic: My xfrog leaves still show their quads - i.e. no opacity, no transparency  (Read 1209 times)


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I use VRay as my renderer and so I know that for my XFrog library I need to run the Optimize feature in FPP for their materials (and I did run the Optimiser).

Yet as you can see in my test render of some trees, the leaves do not have transparency and yet the tiff files for the diffuse slot does have transparent areas outside of the leaf / stem etc.

Please can you advise if there is something I am not doing correctly ?

Thank you.

Michal Karmazín

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Though at first sight these artefacts looks like an material issue, it might be caused by a duplicated distribution of used items (as V-Ray's transparency limits can be reached in that case easily). I would suggest you to double check if there are not multiple areas in use covering tha same space.

If your issue persist, would you please send us your scene through WeTransfer to to analyse it here? Also please specify which 3ds Max / Forest Pack / V-Ray release are you using. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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Hi Michal,

I didn't save that file as I was simply having a play - I've recreated another with different geometry (still XFrog) and the issue persists.

I'll zip it up and send you a copy.

In the meantime, I'm on 3ds Max Design 2014, VRay 3.20.01, and FPP 4.4.0.

Many thanks.