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Author Topic: Forest Pack Lite/Pro 3.1  (Read 14452 times)


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Forest Pack Lite/Pro 3.1
« on: January 04, 2009, 06:42:02 PM »
A new version of Forest Pack Lite/Pro is available to all users, this release includes:

    * Optimized Mental Ray shader. A sample scene with 5000 trees that needed 3m27s in Forest 3.0 now renders in only 22s.
    * Material parameters for Mental Ray: Self-illum factor, Irradiance color, Self shadowing and others.
    * Custom edit: Random ID, Reset Size and Select by ID buttons.
    * Library Editor, including visual guides, realtime scaling thumbnails and import tools.
    * Instancing Tool is much faster and more manageable with the use of layers.
    * Bugs fixed

Besides the changes introduced, we have enabled in Forest Lite some options that were disabled in 3.0:

    * Custom objects
    * Raytrace shadows
    * Random mirroring
    * Custom geometry templates

The complete list of changes and some important notes (read them before upgrading) can be found here:

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software