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Forest Pack Lite/Pro 7.1.1
« on: April 20, 2021, 12:04:15 PM »
A new update of the software is available:

Forest Pack 7.1.1

- Fixed crash editing items in Custom Edit mode while interactive render is running, and Display mode is set to Proxy.
   * This fixes the crash, but we encourage to not modify Forest objects while Interactive Render is active. It may lead to instabilities and problems.
- Fixed updating of camera clipping in Backburner render.
- Fixed crash when network license server port is empty.
- Fixed: Ocasionally Max 2022 doesn't initialize plugin rollups correctly.
- Fixed crash of Camera clipping with Exclude Areas of Forest objects in Custom Edit mode.
- Fixed: ActiveShade mode blocks the sub-object level.
- Fixed rare crash scattering objects with slow or complex modifiers.
   * Anyway, when possible we suggest to not apply modifiers in objects used by Forest, and collapse them to editable mesh. That should result in better performance and stability.       

Forest Pack 7.1.0

- Added support for 3DS Max 2022.
- Added mode selector to Camera->"Enable on Viewport / IR".
   * It lets you to choose what type of views trigger an update: Camera, Camera/Perspective or All Views.
   * This selector is global to all Forest objects, and saved with the configuration (forestpack.ini), not with the scene.
   * Regardless of this option, standard render (not Interactive Render) always uses Perspective/Camera views for "Limit to Visibility".
- When Interactive Render is locked to a specific viewport, Camera->Viewport updates are locked to that view.
- Library Browser->Zoom value is stored in user's settings.
- Fixed exportation to .vrscene of animated cameras when using "Limit to Visibility".
   * Besides the fix, this issue requires a V-Ray update. Meanwhile it's not available, as workaround turn on Camera->"Enable on Viewport", before exporting.
- Fixed: Camera->"Limit to Visibility" with animated cameras is not properly updated on render nodes, when rendering with Scanine.
- Fixed crash of Distribution->Path mode with splines which include empty sub-splines (without any vertex).
- Fixed crash with Interactive Render when items are not displayed on viewport ('F' icon is shown), but items are properly generated for render.

Forest Pack 7.0.9

- Added experimental support for 3DSMax 2022.
   * Not tested yet. Please note we cannot provide support for this initial version.
- Fixed excessive build time computing collisions in FP7, compared with FP6.
   * This also would affect load/save time of scenes when Collisions is enabled on viewport.
- Fixed continuous updating of Corona Interactive Render with some scenes.
- Fixed render of non-perspective views in V-Ray using Camera->"Limit to Visibility".
- Camera->"Limit to Visibility"->"Enable on Viewport" now applies both to camera and perspective views.
- Fixed: Forest LOD is not updated rendering with V-Ray IPR.
- Fixed: Cloning with Shift+Drag in Custom Edit might not copy all items.

Forest Pack 7.0.8

- Fixed continuous updating of Interactive Render when using Camera->"Limit to Visibility".
   * This bug would also affect general performance when camera clipping is enabled on viewport.
- Fixed: Surface->UV generates different distributions on rendering nodes with different number of threads.
- Fixed: Distribution->Reference->By Mesh may generate different random values on rebuild.
- Library Browser: fixed gaps in catalog tree after removing items.
- Fixed error loading items from Evermotion catalogs.

Forest Pack 7.0.7

- Changed the way that V-Ray proxies are rendered. Now it uses the same method of FP6.
   * Previously render of proxies was delegated to V-Ray, in a similar way to VRayInstancer. But several problems were reported.
   * If needed, VRayInstancer mode can be forced yet in the configuration (forestpack.ini), setting handleVRayProxies = 0.

Library Browser:

- Several fixes for billboard edit:
   * Added missing Center and Z-Offset gizmos.
   * Dimensions are displayed correctly, according to the scene's units.
   * Fixed aspect ratio for non-squared thumbnails.
- Fixed wrong size of billoards loaded from library (not fully fixed in 7.0.6 patch).
- List of Objects/Materials in the import dialogs now are sorted alphabetically.
- Fixed crash deleting catalogs.

Forest Pack 7.0.6

- Fixed several issues loading items from Library Browser.
- Fixed small margins editing Catalog names in the Library Browser.
- Fixed: Scene Explorer is closed before rendering non-geometric objects with some renderers.
   * Note: Scene Explorer is closed yet with Max 2015 and before. This is a workaround to avoid a crash which may happen with old Max versions.
- Distribution->Path / Reference Objects / Particle Flow parameters are not overwritten when loading Library presets.
- Camera->"Limit to Visibility" is updated on viewport only for Camera views.
- Fixed: Billboards are loaded with a wrong size from the Library Browser.
- Library Browser is reloaded when Unit's scene change. This is needed to show correctly the billboard units.

This is a maintenance patch only. You can find all new features of Forest Pack 7 here.

If you have any questions about this release, please let us know on the forums.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software