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Forest Pack Pro beta 7.2.2
« on: December 17, 2021, 09:15:22 AM »
A new version of Forest Pack beta is now available for testing. Registered users of Forest Pack Pro can download the upgrade from the User Panel->Beta versions.
For any question about this release, please use the Forest Pack beta forum.

Note 1: Beta versions include new features and fixes, but a beta version is NOT the final version of the product and therefore we don't guarantee there won't be errors that may disrupt the computer's operation and/or result in data loss. Use it always at your own risk.

Forest Pack Pro 7.2.2b

- Billboard templates are removed from the "forest_templates" layer. Now they are stored internally.
   * Billboars are now limited to simple planes (one to four faces). Other models are removed.
   * If templates already exist in the layer (i.e created by previous Forest versions), they are removed when scene is saved.
- Added support for VRayVolumeGrid objects.
- Fixed issues with scaled Custom Objects.
- Fixed: VRayCryptomatte renders Forest objects in black color.
- Fixed: colours generated by Forest Color are not consistent when scattering lights.
- Fixed error loading Library presets with Disabled/Template items.
- Fixed: Forest Lite doesn't support splines at different heights.
- Fixed Maxscript security error when closing Optimize Material dialog.
- Fixed: Areas->Force Open Spline doesn't work with Exclude areas.

Forest Pack Pro 7.2.1b

- Added support for native light instancing in V-Ray. Requires V-Ray 5.2 or greater.
- Added compatibility with Arnold 7.
   * Previous Arnold versions are not longer supported. You can upgrade to the latest release from here: (Arnold for 3DS Max)
   * When Forest is not compatible with current Arnold version, a warning message will be displayed.
- Added Camera parameter. It lets you to assign manually a Camera for Limit to Visibility and Distance Falloff
   * When empty, Camera is taken automatically from render view, as before.
- Fixed: Camera->Limit to Visibility and Distance Falloff doesn't work with Arnold renderer.
- Fixed: Render nodes using "3dsmaxbatch.exe" (as Royal Render) cannot run without a license.
- Fixed rare crash cleaning the Forest template layer, when scene is saved.
- Fixed: Random Translation applied to groups modifies the position of each item within the group.

Forest Pack Pro 7.2.0b

- Support for 3DS Max groups is rewritten from scratch. Now groups can be used in a more standard way, according to the new Geometry->"Keep Group Hierarchy" parameter:
         - When disabled, items are scattered together (as before) but with its own transformation. I.e. Random Rotation, rotates the item using its pivot, not the group pivot. Same when item is placed over a surface. Also, items are excluded individually for camera clipping, exclude areas, etc.
         - Instead, when "Keep Group Hierarchy" is enabled, items within a group are handled as an unique entity (similar to the Max group behavior).
      * By default "Keep Group Hierarchy" is disabled for existing scenes, but enabled when a new group is added to Geometry.
      * Now the group's Pivot is taken in account to place the item. If your existing scenes using groups are misaligned, please align the group pivot properly (usually moving Z to its base).
- Fixed: Library->"Import from 3DS Max files" would assign wrong Max file, when importing from multiple scenes. (FORESTPACK-1081)
- Display Proxy mode is set to "Pyramid" by default, instead "Plane".
- When adding complex models, Forest suggest to set Display mode to 'Proxy', instead Point-cloud as before. This is more efficient in recent Max releases.
- Default size for Distribution X/Y is increased from 10m to 100m., which is more suitable for a trees distribution.
- Distribution by Path uses path direction for Random Translation, instead of translate the item on XY plane. (FORESTPACK-1092)
- Fixed load of Library Presets using repeated objects in Geometry List. (FORESTPACK-1084)

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software