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Author Topic: New tutorial: Combining Concrete Paving and Grass  (Read 11508 times)

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New tutorial: Combining Concrete Paving and Grass
« on: June 29, 2017, 12:40:14 PM »

“Combining Concrete Paving and Grass’’ is our latest Tips & Tricks instalment. In this tutorial we look at a technique for using Forest Pack and RailClone together to combine grass with concrete paving. 

Although this is a specific application, you'll learn many skills that you can use for other purposes, including: creating a RailClone object with a pattern that repeats on the Y axis, using Clipping Splines and randomising transforms in RailClone, creating "layers" in Forest Pack by adding a areas multiple times, overriding distribution maps on a per area basis, and excluding geometry using objects.

Please jump to our tutorial page for video and written versions of this release.
Paul Roberts
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