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Author Topic: New Tutorial: Creating Raised Flower Beds  (Read 3413 times)

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New Tutorial: Creating Raised Flower Beds
« on: July 17, 2019, 02:26:36 PM »

We’ve just released two new short tutorials that explain a technique for combining Forest Pack and RailClone to create a common feature of modern gardens - the raised bed.

In the first tutorial, we demonstrate how to use RailClone to create the wooden bed using simple splines to define the footprints. The style includes regularly spaced and adjustable vertical stakes, randomised textures, and the ability to set any height.

Watch the first part of the tutorial here

In the second tutorial, we then use the same spline with Forest Pack to add all the planting. Along the way, we share some useful tips such as how to get the most from Forest Pack’s clustering features, probability, mastering collisions, and finally how to use Forest Effects to create a connection between the two plugins.

Watch the second part of the tutorial here


This tutorial video used the Bushes and Flowers collection from The3DGarden, our exclusive range of high-quality tree and foliage models that are only available from iToo Software. It contains 41 species of common small decorative garden plant, each in 4 variations for a total of over 180 plants (plus additional presets and grasses).

Check out the collection and download a freebie
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