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Author Topic: New Tutorial: Making snow with Forest Pack Pro  (Read 5364 times)

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New Tutorial: Making snow with Forest Pack Pro
« on: January 25, 2018, 10:16:20 AM »

“Making snow with Forest Pack Pro’’ is our latest Tips & Tricks instalment for Forest Pack Pro.
In this special seasonal instalment of our regular tips and tricks episodes, we're going to look at a rather unusual use for Forest Pack - adding snow to trees.
It might not be the obvious choice of plugin for this task but in this tutorial we'll examine not one but two techniques for combining Forest Pack with meshing plugins to add realistic snow to a tree.

We start by looking at how to cover only the branches that are visible to the sky and not obstructed by one another. We'll then progress to a second approach that builds upon this foundation to add a dense coating of snow by covering all the tree's upwards facing polygons. Finally we'll use these trees to populate the small environment shown above. Although we’re focusing on vegetation, this technique can be used to add snow to any object or objects.

In this tutorial we'll be using a free mature Cedrus from our new Summer Trees Collection, which features 6 species of trees in 3 ages with 4 variations per age. With over 70 trees in total.

Please jump to our tutorial section for video and written versions of this release.
Paul Roberts
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