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Author Topic: Redshift 2.0 released with Forest Pack Pro support  (Read 8490 times)

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Redshift 2.0 released with Forest Pack Pro support
« on: July 11, 2016, 06:37:45 PM »

A new version of RedShift, an industry leading biased GPU renderer previously only available to Maya and Softimage users, has been released bringing long awaited support for 3DS Max. We're delighted to announce that it supports Forest Pack Pro too!

Redshift has some great features including very fast GPU accelerated biased raytracing, global illumination and shading, out-of-core geometry and texturing, geometry instancing and proxies, and lots more! You can read more about Redshift's features here or learn about the improvements included in Redshift 2.0 on their announcement page.

To see which of Forest Pack's features are compatible with Redshift 2.0, please see our requirements page.
Paul Roberts
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