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Improving viewport performance
« on: December 05, 2012, 07:46:38 PM »
I would like to improve my viewport performance, when using complex scene with Multiple Forest objects. Is it possible ?

There are two changes that may help:

a) Disable Camera clipping.

Camera clipping is useful for large extensions of terrain, but forces to rebuild and redraw the Forest object more times (each time that view changes). Also, this unables to cache efficiently the geometry in the video card.

Depending of the scene, in some cases you will get better performance enabling it, and others not. In the latest Forest versions, the plugin suggest to turn on this option only when using large areas. So, just try both modes and compare. To disable it, turn off "Auto assign to active view" and click "Clear" in the Camera rollout.

b) Points-cloud

The Points-cloud mode is very nice, but depending of the video card and the number of visible objects, it would have a great impact on the viewport performance. Sometimes may be useful to try other modes and compare (as Display->Proxy->Pyramid).

Some tips about Points-cloud:

- Quadro cards are much better than gaming cards, when using wireframe and points-cloud modes.
- The total number of "points" is proportional to the number of visible Forest objects. In Forest 4 we have included a new parameter, to modify the global density of dots easily.
- To improve the display performance in Max 2013 and Nitrous, be sure to use Forest 4.x or greater, and the latest Max patch (Product Update 6 or greater).

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