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Author Topic: 3ds max + VPN + NAS + Forest = Super long load times  (Read 2789 times)


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3ds max + VPN + NAS + Forest = Super long load times
« on: January 24, 2022, 04:24:01 PM »
Sry but my license admin is out of reach so I can't post in Pro section.

Forest generate problems with scene open times because of VPN and NAS.

I am not regular Forest user so I am not always sure if I am understanding everything correctly, keep that in mind.

I work over VPN with NAS storage. I am aware of data usage over the VPN, I know the size of assets downloaded from NAS storage, I have realtime charts of my current / total data usage and for this reason I have started to suspect that it is problem of forest pack. Now I am getting sure that it is related to the Forest itself, but not sure why.

When I have to work with 3ds Max scenes that have included Forest Pro I am sometimes not even able to open a scene, or it takes +30 minutes to open EVEN IF I DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY ASSETS, but if there were any included assets from NAS in the Forest object, and it have some standard use of Forest for plants.

I copy the scene to my local drives, turn off VPN connection, strip all paths to the assets, remove custom 3ds max missing assets search paths, and still my max gets frozen for unreasonable amount of time if i try to open the scene. (if admin turns off my license, it freezes after the  "cant connect to license server" forest error dialog, if the license is active it freezes anyway)

If i would merge any single object from that scene, it works just fine, but if i would try to merge single Forest object, the time extends alot. We are talking about +10 minutes merge times of single Forest object that has actually no assets at all, no plane that is linked to this Forest object or anything, the max file is isolated, but this Forest object still has some active NAS storage paths in it. While I can import from this file non Forest related geometry in normal way, without Forest license error dialog and in eye blink, trying to merge anything Forest related goes for minimum 10 minutes.  ​

This is terrible behavior because no matter what I do I can get tremendous load times of the scenes with Forest that I do not even want to open, with assets that I do not need to use, being unable of making anything with the scene that has Forest included.
Only thing that I can do is to go play the game of blind man’s buff with merge and hope that I will not hit the Forest object.

I attach the screenshot of merged 2 forrest objects from the problematic scene that was copied to my local drive, with stipped all paths in asset tracking. It took 10 minutes to merge those two objects with VPN ON and OFF, Forest license ON and OFF, changing anything in the scenarios resulted with no load time changes. My colleague working from the NAS location where he is in LAN with NAS opens the file with 4gb assets and ton of Forest objects faster than I merge 2 theoretically empty forest objects, with 0 geometry and 100 simple materilas.

F1 image - Forest license Active
F2 image - Forest license Inative


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Re: 3ds max + VPN + NAS + Forest = Super long load times
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2022, 07:55:13 PM »

Thanks for your detailed message. I would recommend trying to disable map paths checking in Library Browser->Preferences. This will stop FP from searching your network to add map folders.

In order to receive more detailed support please email us your license details at and we can assign the proper permissions to your account so you can post in the Pro forums.

Many thanks,
Paul Roberts
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