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Author Topic: Rendering with V-Ray GPU being stopped because of dynamic geometry limit  (Read 310 times)


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Hey guys,
I am using FP @ 3Ds Max at work and I have searched for this issue a few times now, but never found a result. I hope you guys can give me a simple solution for this:
Whenever I use FP with V-Ray GPU, the dynamic geometry size gets stacked up, when I switch out the XRef's, and even after I delete literally EVERTHING in the scene, except the plane and a lightsource, and press render, it gets canceled, because the VRAM is full (using a RTX 2080ti) - and when I look for the details, I see that the dynamic geometry is like 10gb big. I checked that all the XRefs are deleted, no FP in the scene, just a simple plane, camera, light. It just works when I save selected and renew the document. But I don't wanna make a new file evertime it hits the limit of my VRAM. To finish my project I had to switch to CPU, and here everthing works fine, the issue only appears at GPU. When I try to render in buckets instead of progressive, Max crashes.
I know the tips from V-Ray (, and I also have worked with FP now for a few years, so i know how to handle large scaled scenes, but i never solved the issue with the ghostly dynamic geometry objects - I hope you guys can help me here.

best regards

Paul Roberts

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Re: Rendering with V-Ray GPU being stopped because of dynamic geometry limit
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2021, 10:16:17 AM »
Hi PlayRaze

Thanks for getting in touch. I'm afraid that when it comes to V-Ray GPU we have very little control because the integration was developed by Chaos themselves using our API. I would recommend contacting Chaos support with this question. If there's anything else we can do to help out though, please let me know.

Thanks for understanding,

Paul Roberts
iToo Software