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Author Topic: Animation, Collission and Programatically set Items to Custom Edit  (Read 806 times)


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It appears animation and Collision under Distribution don't play nice together (at least, that's what my animating coworkers say).
They say items have some random popping going on because they generated on one frame but not on the next.

1: Is this a thing and can it be solved ? (so we can use Collision in animation)

if it can't be solved,

2: How do I set items to custom programatically so I can use that in a maxscript to automate ?
I know I can do $.mode  = 1 but then I get popups and I can't figure out how to
programmatically press the Yes button. Sometimes there's only the first, sometimes there are 2:
  • Switching to Custom Edit mode will disable Area/Distribution parameter. Are you sure?
  • Some items are not visible in viewport because of Camera clipping. Do you want to include them in the Custom Edit Distribution

if I can't use collision with animation then I figured setting (fixing them in place) to custom edit mode could solve this, but not when I can't process the pop-up dialogs using maxscipt.

Any help would be appreciated.

Paul Roberts

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Re: Animation, Collission and Programatically set Items to Custom Edit
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2022, 04:25:12 PM »

Thanks for your message. I'm sorry to hear that you are having popping issues when scattering animated objects. In theory this shouldn't happen because we sample the size just once at frame 0. Are you able to share a simplified scene that can reproduce the issue?

Regarding changing the mode in Maxscript. If you run the script with the Max control panel set to the create tab instead of the Modify tab then it should run without displaying the pop ups.

Code: [Select]

max create mode
$.mode = 1

I hope that helps,
Paul Roberts
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Re: Animation, Collission and Programatically set Items to Custom Edit
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2022, 09:20:43 AM »
Hi paul, thanks for the answer.
I will see if I can get them to gather a file tht would show this issue. hearing that it shouldn't happen makes me think maybe something else is happening.

Great to learn I can circumvent the popups by switching to create mode though, that is a perfectly acceptable solution in any case !