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Ken Turner:
Forest pack  uses random cameras when previewing 'Limit to visibility' in the viewport.

Without a way to 'fix' the camera being used in the forest pack UI its impossible to diagnose.

The workaround seems to be to render a single frame but this is annoying and slow ( if it works )

Assuming you do get forest pack to look at the correct camera Forest pack doesn't update 'Limit to visibility'  when using Animated cameras  >:(

I am having the same issue - I was told that updating to Forest Pro 7.1.0 would fix the issue but it's still happening. I'm not sure why this was changed since it always worked in older versions, before we updated.

I am sorry to hear that this issue is still not resolved for You.
Would You please tell us how to reproduce "random" camera limits? Best if You could attach Your scene as well- so we could see what exact max, renderer, forestPack versions are You using.
We can solve it only if You help us.

I just checked limits behavior and it seems to work as expected:

Thank You for Your collaboration.

just a  thought and  maybe i am not understanding your issue ...but if you select the viewport of the camera you want to use, then open the forest lister and click "generate" does that update it?

its definitelly not working here too
for me no matter what i do the scatter is always presend on the whole object disragarding the cam angle for both render and for viewport.
in 7.1.1 there is no option to manually select the camera to perform the cliping as it used to be before.


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