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city distribution approach and advice
« on: March 12, 2017, 03:14:20 AM »
hello all,

I need some advice and approach of making a city distribution
I have choose some models that are collapse into an editable poly and are bind into one multi-sub object material.

for the FP object, i have tried many functions within the FP such as Density, Diversity, Collisions, but i couldn't get the result i desire.
and in the real world, building are not always set to be straight on a map(organic), they may have a rotation angle, but in the transform layout,
the rotation only can "randomize" with a  min and a max number, and all the rotation are different ( how can we rotate all the city objects within the block with same angle)

so then i went on and try with RC objects,

please refer the the image, I then think i maybe should use a series and put all the city objects into a sequence, but when i try to render all the city are without my original material..
so i can't move on from here.

Also i would like to put some tree in between the building, I think it is possible to make another FP object and use the Area rollout the paint out the areas with buildings, but i don't know if that is the best way
because cities are very big it might take some time to do that.

and hopefully itoo can make an full tutorial about this topic. Automatic Clustering with a 10 second tip was just not enough! :'( :'(

please help and I thank you for your advice..


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Re: city distribution approach and advice
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2017, 07:27:37 AM »
well i think after many test and tutorials I think I've found a good approach to this topic,
but please if anyone have some other advice feel free to discuss further

In the end, i use RC Array 2S with clipping technique to identify the boarder of the city block,

and randomize the building with Randomize Operators, then i can adjust segment by segment with the transform fix rotatation,

for the material i use multi-sub object with IDs for each building, but i have to test if i could also put a multi sub-object into each slot(for the building textures&materials)

and for the forest I just simply use the default tree to test and add the RC to the Areas and adjust the density with exclude,
later i will further use edit curve function to make sure all the trees are not in the building.

for max flexibility i think this approach would be the best for this type of situation, i will try to update after i try to make some roads into the block or so..

thanks and your advice will be appreciated