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Author Topic: Effects -> Change items by distance to boundary = non-satisfying results  (Read 404 times)


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I'm trying to create a forest with custom grassy vegetation, and with gravel in the outer bounds. For this I'm trying the "Change items by distance to boundary"-effect.
I finally got it to work when I had the Select models ticked and all objects except gravels selected.
However, all custom probabilities and transform maps are being ignored, and that destroys my vegetation setup completely.

Am I missing something/doing something wrong, or is this behavior by design?

Attached are before and after effect.
(meadow2 / viewport1 is before, and2 / 3 is after)

Paul Roberts

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Re: Effects -> Change items by distance to boundary = non-satisfying results
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2022, 03:13:23 PM »

Thanks for the question. At present this effect re-randomises the items so you will indeed lose your probabilities.

Another approach is to do this without effect, as follows.

- In the area rollout, add the Spline Include arear you want to use. Turn on Select models and pick all the grasses
- Turn on Density Falloff and edit the graph so that it drops to 0 pretty close to the left side.

- Increase the Include amount to pull the grass back from the edge of the spline.

Now we'll add the gravel.

- Add another new Spline area, and select the same spline from the scene.
- Enable Select Models and this time pick the gravel
- Check Falloff Effect > Invert curve. The gravel will now fill the edge.

Please find a sample file attached. It uses the new Forest Set feature in Forest Pack 8. This will mean that you can add as many additional splines to the scatter as you want without needing to go through the steps above for each one.

I hope that helps,

Paul Roberts
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