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Paul Roberts:

I gather from your post that this is an issue with libraries that you are creating yourself?
In addition to the .ms file you need some additional code in the XML for the quality selector to work as shown below

This code is needed to fire the maxscript function when the material is loaded

--- Code: ---<maxscript file="" script='onMaterialLoad "$(LIBMATERIAL)" "$(PRESET_QUALITY)"' execute_on="material_load"/>
--- End code ---

And this code adds the Quality drop down to the library browser

--- Code: ---<select class="quality" label="Render quality (V-Ray/Mental)" setmacro="PRESET_QUALITY">
<option value="high" default="1">High</option>
<option value="low">Low</option>
--- End code ---

For example, please check the lawns presets which use both these snippets.


Yes i am aware of that and that code is present in my xml files

extract from my xml file is given below

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<library version="100" order="1" masterScale="12." xref="1" bitmap="scene3.jpg">
   <maxscript file="" script="onMaterialLoad &quot;$(LIBMATERIAL)&quot; &quot;$(PRESET_QUALITY)&quot;" execute_on="material_load"/>
   <select class="material" setmacro="RENDERER">
      <option value="">Automatic Selector</option>
      <option value="standard">Standard</option>
      <option value="vray">VRay</option>
      <option value="corona">Corona Renderer</option>
      <option value="arnold">Arnold</option>
      <option value="fstorm">Fstorm</option>
      <option value="octane">Octane</option>
   <select class="quality" label="Render quality (V-Ray)" setmacro="PRESET_QUALITY">
      <option value="low" default="1">low</option>
      <option value="High">High</option>
   <item class="maxobject">

i have made the low reset to be default instead of the high and the line in present in all my xml files.
like i said earlier, the function was working perfectly fine till forest pack 6 and the problem has occurred since installing fp 7. 

Paul Roberts:
That's strange then - I just tested it here using FP7 and one of our built-in libraries from the lawns presets and it worked fine.

Would you mind testing the Lawns> Common Grass 01 (detail) preset to see if that works for you?

If that does work, perhaps you could ZIP one of you libraries (only one entry needed really) and send it to and I'll take a closer look.


Sorry for the delay in reply. was busy with a submission. will send a sample library today.


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