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is there a way to ensure that the forest pack object takes the material of the object.
I have multiple forestpack objects using the same base geometry. but each forestpack takes a copy of the material instead of using the same material resulting in multiple materials of the same name in my library.

Paul Roberts:
Thanks for the post, I can reproduce this issue when loading items via the library with On Duplicate Material > Replace From Library enabled. We'll look into it.

In the meantime, you can get around this by using one of the two other modes, either Use Scene Material or Ask User, in which case the replace from library option does work as expected.

Thanks again,

As usual i really appreciate the quick response.
This problem i have noticed also happens when you copy a forest pack object to create a new one as at times that needs to be done as i might need a different forest object selection for masking in post.
i am not sure if this used to happen earlier, but this is the first time i have noticed the materials getting copied multiple times.
Also changing the material on the base mesh does not update the material inside the forest pack even when i press reassign material.

Paul Roberts:
Regarding changing the material on the base object. If this isn't working it's usually because a material is assigned directly in the Geometry rollout.

If you clear this it will revert to using the material on the source object instead.

The "Reassign" button wouldn't help in this case because it is intended to be used only if you accidentally assign another material directly to the whole Forest object. In this case, the automaterial still exists in the scene but it is not assigned to Forest. The button fixes that.

I hope that clears things up,

There is another problem with the material application when getting objects from the library.
I am using the file attached for most of my plant libraries.
Most of my objects have vray2sided materials used for leafs. i rarely use 2 sided materials for plants and trees as they are mostly in the background.
What this used to do was as follows,
1. on the low setting option it used to remove the 2 sided materials in the object when inserting into the scene replacing it with the material in the front face of the vray 2 sided material.

This behavior is absent now. and it inserts the object with the vray 2 sided material and now i have to manually remove the 2 sided material.
this is a big problem and took me a bit to realize why my per frame times went up for an animation.

Also there is a problem when trying to modify an existing path in the preferences in FP.
Please see the attached image for the clarification on the problem.

I am not using the beta version. i am using FP 7.1.2


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