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Author Topic: Forest Pack Pro Licensing  (Read 5163 times)


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Forest Pack Pro Licensing
« on: June 17, 2010, 06:42:21 PM »

I recently bought Forest Pack Pro and sucessfully installed and activated it claims "Activation invalid, please reactivate license".

I am guessing that this occured because I just upgraded the bios on my computer. Please can you confirm this to be the case - and if so, its a bit annoying that my activation count would be needlessly please also make note of it in your records. I switch machines and upgrade regularly and so can easily foresee an annoying moment when I need Forest Pack and I run into activation issues....!



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Re: Forest Pack Pro Licensing
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2010, 08:03:46 PM »
Dear user,

Some hardware changes (as upgrade the BIOS, or format the harddisk), can cause a activation lost, this is the normal behavior of the licensing system, you only need to reactivate your license to use the software again. The five activations is only a soft limit, if you exhaust this number or you are close to it, send us an email and we will reset the counter. You can request for more activations any times as you need.

If you plan to update the hardware very frequently and the activation system is a inconvenience for you, we can switch your license to a network-floating type, that only needs to be activated in the server. If you are interested please contact with us to

The activation system is only a way of protect us against piracy, but we don't want to bother our legal users. We only would to raise objections to add more activations, in very obvious situations of abuse of license terms.

Daniel Quintero
Itoo Software