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Author Topic: Hair moddifier to drive forest pack pro instances or something similar...  (Read 1265 times)


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Its something I had a quick chat about via email before getting FFP and I'm just posting it here to maybe give it a bit more traction somehow...

The idea is to be able to use hair splines/grooming tools to edit forest instances. Not only that if we could take hair data for animation/wind etc etc to drive rotation of instances it would've been quite helpful as well. Here is for example a 10x10m path of hair that I would love to be able to apply its rotation transforms to my FFP instances.(see attachment)

I tried using vertex paint tool but at 60x30 meter path and 100 000 vertexes the vertex paint is very slow to paint and update...
I also tried scripting something similar by having pre-scattered lets say 40 boxes and then use them to hand rotate with their individual radiuses but that  is something I'm still trying to achieve... here is original topic > Sadly this option won't produce the best result as everything will be hmm... connected to box.. we wont have much random variation that we could get by using vertex paint and some splotchy brush...

I'm asking for this tool because grass does not just go up or rotate 360 degree... To be able to create natural grass we need to be able to create remnants of old objects obstructing grass, trees creating shade and affecting the size of grass in that area etc etc. By being able to freely and quickly groom grass over area of 100x100 meters would be one of the most powerful tools that I can think off. I looked over maya and max solutions and so far FFP is the closest 1 to getting it given the extensive controls it already has...

I've attached a fast mock up of hair edit I did in maya (I think) being able now to take rotation off that - when ever its spline or geometry and area apply to my FFP instances would be quite amazing. + animation one day some day.... :- ))