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Author Topic: How to include and exclude forest distributions from GI in animations  (Read 907 times)


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Dear friends,
I have an animation project, with a huge terrain, with two forest distributions.
I am considering the option of excluding them from GI, and lighting them with a dedicated Dome light (maybe with an HDRi).

Anyone had an experience on this workflow, any advice is highly appreciated.


Michal Karmazín

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Hi Kash,

The Forest object can be excluded from the GI calculation in a usual way - under the V-Ray object properties window you can uncheck the Visible to GI option. Also, in a common way it can be added within the Options of any light in your scene to Exclude/Include list.

Another approach would be to render these objects separately and compose those together in the post-production process (to get even better control adding some Render Elements would be recommendable too).

Any tips and tricks are welcome.

Best regards,