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Author Topic: Instalation as Rendernode is requesting license - render node not rendering FP  (Read 242 times)


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we started having issues with instalation of FP on render nodes or "non workstation".
When istallin we choose rendernode version but whenever we open max we get the following line:

"Forest Pack is configured to use a local license, but there are none available. Please use the License Manager to install and authorize it"

Followed by

"Cannot load a license (error code 2:0:0) Without a valid license Forest cannot load"

Since when does the rendernode version of FP require a license?  This was not the case before .
We have two cases on our computers, one is brand new and one is reinstalled computer.

When rendering we get red words LICENSE all over the trees.

How do we make it work please?

Probably needless to add that this fact seriously crippled our renderfarm capacity.

Thanks a lot for help.



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Hi Martin,

Forest doesn't require a license for render nodes when used without any interaction of the user. This includes unattended render modes as Backburner, Deadline, Distributed Rendering, etc.
Instead, if Max is open manually, it works as a workstation, and requires a license. Regarding licenses, Forest works in the same way than 3DS Max.

What method are you using for your render nodes ?

When rendering we get red words LICENSE all over the trees.

That may be from other plugin. Forest or RailClone don't show that message in the scene.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software