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Author Topic: Performance question to itoo - one FPP on multiple surfaces or multiple FPPs ?  (Read 2644 times)


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Hi, I have a question regarding performance (Ram usage and render performance) when scattering on multiple surface.

Which way is better:

A) scatter one FPP on multiple surfaces by adding objects to the "surfaces" ?


B) copying the FPP object and scatter each FPP to one surface, resulting in multiple FPPs ?

I guess the first option is better, but maybe internally within FPP it does not make such a big difference ?


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In performance terms both options must be equal, Forest optimizes internally all used elements to avoid duplicate memory structures.

However to facilitate the scene manipulation and changes, is recommended to group the similar areas in a same Forest object and use the area tools to make changes to specific zones. In any case the performance only depends of the complexity and the total number of instances involved in the scene.
Daniel Quintero
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