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Author Topic: Rendering error when render animated irradiance map - 3dsMax2013 + Vray2.40.04  (Read 5061 times)


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We are using Forest pack pro 4.0.3 with animated custom object from Onyx Tree, render with 3dsMax 2013, Vray 2.40.04.

To render a single frame is always successful, but when trying to render and save the animated irradiance map, keep on receive error message :

Last marker is at ./src/globillummap.cpp, line 1449:
GlobalIllumMap::buildLightMap() {1}"

 or see attached image, then Forest pack unexpected quit from 3dsMax.

We tried to change the setting in Forest or Vray...but not solve the problem. Anyone experience the same issue?

Help please!


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In this case is not clear if the problem is caused by Forest, Vray or Onyx. And unfortunately we have not a copy of Onyx to reproduce the problem here.

I suggest you try to isolate the problem, removing progresivelly objects from the scenes (trees, grass, etc.). Once you know what object is causing the crash, convert Forest to stand-alone objects using Forest Tools. If it also fails, the problem would be in Vray or Onyx. If not, we will decide the next step.
Carlos Quintero
iToo Software