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Author Topic: Just an fyi - alembic files loaded in vrayproxy that have splines = forest crash  (Read 1005 times)

Screenscene vfx

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Heya Folks!

I've inherited some assets from another company to make an element for a comp shot on a tv show. They're all alembic files which they use in their own maya scatterer thingy which I'm trying to load in the vray proxy. Each object has a spline which they use as a large positioning helper which I'm turning off in the vray proxy loader. Trying to render this object as a scatter geometry in forest will generate invalid normals (it ignores the setting to hide the spline object - alembic "hair" list) and vray will eventually crash.

Not your issue of course but just a heads up if anyone gets anything similar. I'm going to import the alembics, remove the spline / hair and save them out agains as vray proxy objects which should play a bit nicer :)

Michal Karmazín

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Unfortunately, Forest Pack can't actually access these VRayProxy object's settings (like the Proxy mesh/hair visibility or Alembic mesh - Hair - Width multiplayer).

We'll check what can be done to extend the actual implementation for these objects in future releases. Big thanks for your feedback, it's very important for us.

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