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Author Topic: Suggestion about Diagnostic tools?  (Read 587 times)


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Suggestion about Diagnostic tools?
« on: August 25, 2022, 01:36:15 PM »

I rarely have a problem when using FP. It's not something that happens to me often, but sometimes it's hard to find a solution.

For some reason, some plant models cause the program to crash without giving an error code during rendering. I close and open all FP objects one by one, test and finally find and replace the problematic model, but this is a time-consuming process.

I usually use 'Batch Render', while the first render completes without any problems, at the start of the second render 3ds max crashes without any error codes.

My question is; I wonder if there is a way to check if the models (I'm talking about the purchased models that I merged into the scene) are suitable for FP? For example, I can check splines with a plugin and detect the problem easily (simpolium splinecheck - free diagnostic plugin). Is something like this plugin possible? maybe there is such a thing and I am not aware of it :)

Thank you.

Paul Roberts

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Re: Suggestion about Diagnostic tools?
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2022, 02:02:10 PM »
I'm personally not aware of anything apart from the various diagnostic tools built into max, but I'm not sure if these would give you any clues as to whether they'd work in Forest Pack. Really any geometry should be suitable so I'm assuming that geometry must have some kind of corruption to crash Max. The next time you find a problematic model, please feel free to send it to us at It'd be interesting to try and discover the cause of the issue.

Many thanks,
Paul Roberts
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