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Author Topic: Switch to Custom Edit Mode with Z transform translation change trees offsets !  (Read 433 times)


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I use the z transform (translation) to set up my forest. And when I switch to custom edit to tune it, every trees change Zoffsets !
I've find some issues, but changing about version and setup...

For Right Switching to custom edit :

3dsMax 2021   Forest 6.3.1   
if Link to surface is ON
Have to /2   
Script :
$.mode = 1
$.transzmin = $.transzmin/2
$.transzmax = $.transzmax/2

if Link to surface is OFF
Have to /100   
Script :
$.mode = 1
$.transzmin = $.transzmin/100
$.transzmax = $.transzmax/100

3dsMax 2022   Forest 7.4.3
Link to surface   ON   → Ok   

Link to surface   OFF   
Have to Set to 0
Script :
$.mode = 1
$.transzmin = 0
$.transzmax = 0

and the limitation of using integer only is not very user friendly for fine tuning.

Paul Roberts

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Thanks for reporting this, we'll look into it although for obvious reasons we wouldn't be able to change the FP 6 branch.

Until then, you might be interested in using Forest Effects. It would be quite simple to add a Forest Effect that allows you to change the Z Offset in scene units instead of a percentage. And in my tests it also doesn't appear to be affected by the Link To Surface options.

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