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Author Topic: Impressions from the Weta tech lead environment presentation at FMX, wishlist  (Read 6600 times)


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Hi guys,

I attended the Weta tech lead, Paolo Selva, talk on FMX about environments which was very impressive. Part of that was the way they plant the vegetation. The base geometry holds multiple channels - wetness (from proximity to water sources and slope), slope, curvature, sunlight exposure, etc. Their tree modeler exports different versions for each tree, suitable for different conditions. Ecosystem mixture condition suitability is also defined - i.e. which meshes have what frequency in what conditions. Then when you paint with particles, the right mix of meshes is being picked, so wetter areas get taller healthier trees, windy areas get more short and withered ones, sunnier areas get more deciduous, etc.

It would be great to have that functionality in Frest Pack! We could easily define these conditions as UV channels on the base mesh, and if Forest could read that data and let us define the rules, it would be great.

And since PRTs and Magma are so powerful in that regard, would be great if we could use PRT particles as seeds.


Michal Karmazín

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Big thanks for your feedback, it's very important for us. We'll check it and evaluate its implementation in future releases (also we're looking at the possibility of dynamically linking forest objects to external objects, including animated particles).

Thanks in advance for any further comments you can share about it with us / our user community regarding the better implementation into your pipeline.

Best regards,