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Author Topic: The art of landscaping in SpeedTree & GrowFX(botanically correct plant modeling)  (Read 2538 times)


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Hey guys,

I recently did a course for creating realistic plants (botanically correct) in SpeedTree( and soon GrowFX) I thought I'd share some of the
final images with you.
A little about the scene : Over 120 different species of plants was specially built just for this this scene from scratch,
which include moss, grass, flowers, plants, ivies, vines and trees. I ended up using about 30 different species for the scene.
I did use both Corona and V-ray to render out images. There are more than 400 billion polygons in the scene via instancing
(Using forest pack pro) and over 100 million unique polys. I also did use over 400 textures for the scene ranging from 0.5 k to 4k images.
Opacity is used for most leaves. All in all it took less than 8 hours to render the scene on an i7 4 core(8T) with 12GB of memory with over
60 render elements . (There are 2k and 4K renders)
Here's a link to the course if anyone is interested :
I'd appreciate any feedback :)
P.S. you may check high quality 4K images on my website.

Great tutorials here! :