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Author Topic: about vrayproxy(multi-subobject mtl) correspond to the correct material  (Read 851 times)


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Hi all,
I am organizing my city model and trying to use RC to scatter my randomize city,
I export a single house model into a vrayproxy with multi-sub object material
if i do not apply any materials to the RC object the RC shows to be the object color...
but when i try to use RC to scatter the material ID's could not be read when i want the correct building to correspond to the correct material
please refer to the images.
please help and thanks for the advice
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Michal Karmazín

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Currently, the RailClone object doesn't automatically inherit any of materials used by its Segments and the user is responsible of creating a material and applying it to the RailClone object. In case of having different materials applied to the source geometry, you'll need to create your own multi-sub material, assigning a different material ID to each element and applying it to the whole RailClone object. Please feel free to check more detailed information and examples in the "4 - How to Control Material IDs" chapter of our "Next Steps with RailClone" guide.

As mentioned in this related post on our forum: "I would suggest you to check the "Why do segments in RailClone ignore my Materials" article in our Knowledge Base (a recommendable way to create the Multi/Sub-Object material is to Attach all objects into a single mesh / Detach them)."

Hope that helps.

Best regards,
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