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Author Topic: Complex paving/junctions  (Read 375 times)


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Complex paving/junctions
« on: July 06, 2021, 07:04:29 PM »

I'm just looking for some advice on the best way to achieve something like the attached screenshot. (this is the basic architect's model which I want to fully model with railclone).




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Re: Complex paving/junctions
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2021, 09:09:22 AM »
Hi. Feel free to start Yourself and ask questions when You get stuck at some point. We will try to help with Your encountered issues.

In case You want a deeper RailClone understanding  I would recommend You follow our ongoing series of tutorials. You may also find helpful our detailed documentation.
I would highly recommend you to check our RailClone "Getting Started with RailClone" followed by our "Next Steps with RailClone" guides too.