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Author Topic: File save error unknown class superID = 0xC10 classID=(0x2AB75796,0X49DF4F45)  (Read 1017 times)


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I get this error when trying to use library styles with max 2016 sp4, RC PRO 3.09
Adjustable double marking and 1 flagstone paving

Paul Roberts

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Hi, that super ID identifies the issues as occurring with a texture map, but it's very strange that you should get the issue on a file save. Normally if there was a problem with a texture you would see the error upon opening.

Neither of those styles use any unusual materials, they're pretty standard and I can't reproduce the issue here I'm afraid. Would you mind checking with a scene only containing those presets to be sure that it's them and if possible send us the problematic file to check out further.

Many thanks,

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