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Hanging tiles
« on: November 11, 2019, 01:42:37 PM »
I have wrestled with this 'problem' for far too long, I would like to create hanging tiles (usually seen on UK houses) with rows of decorative hanging tiles at specific positions.
Attached is a 'solution', the first image works perfectly BUT only if I stagger the splines for the tiles to follow and only in one plane (so I would have to do the returns separately), ID 1 for standard tiles and ID 2 for the decorative (I based this on the drop kerb example), the second attachment is trying to do the same with a return at each end, which I can't offset any tiles and as you can see in the second attachment after adding a corner tile, I get 2 'copies' ?
No matter what I do I can't find a solution to offset the tiles (without staggering the splines), the 1/0.5 (or indeed the 1.5/1 width tile sequence) at the start and the end of the splines doesn't have any effect.
So, is there a way to do this, offset all tiles on alternate rows, and be able to place exactly at the start and end of another spline ID the decorative tiles ?
The 2 attachments show the tiles 'following' each spline as in the hip bonnet tile roof example, if I just using a clipping path for the standard tiles I can't work out how to place the decorative ones exactly where I want (following the offset of the other tiles).

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Re: Hanging tiles
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2019, 03:44:50 PM »
Hi Spike,

There should be multiple ways how to archive it. A possible style set-up would be to use a Conditional Operator to place a "Half" Segment at the beginning of every other row (with a different Material ID). I hope that helps and in case of any further troubles with it, please feel free to send us your scene and we'll have a look at it here.

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