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Master Style > Geometry parameters transfered
« on: November 12, 2021, 11:40:14 AM »
OK. I`m fighting hard to find some workarounds for materials/mapping instanced/non-instanced.
I had a nice idea but again RC hits me right in the forehead.  :-\

I need to have both Use Segments Materials and regular RC workflow in a single RC object. Of course, this is not possible at the moment so I`ve been thinking about a workaround using Master Style. I`ll set the inverse On/Off parameters on main Generators.
Single RC object contains Generator A and Generator B.
Generator A - Use Segment Material
Generator B - Usual workflow (materials ID)

Exporting On/Off for Generators and set them to be opposite.

Creating Master Style, using the Parameter to switch generators. (so far so good)

Then I get stuck again: Master Style will also transfer Use Segment Material.
I can break Use Instance Engine, Parameters, Global Scale but I can't break Use Segment Material and Free Object.

I know that is logical to transfer those options but can this be "improved" so Use Segment Materials can be also broken from Master Style?

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