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Author Topic: Officlutter on an office layout  (Read 406 times)

Lars Egerrup / LKE Design

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Officlutter on an office layout
« on: May 28, 2019, 06:55:49 PM »
Guys, I need your input or advice.

In a previous post (long time ago) I showed a RC setup that could distribute an entire office, containing desks, chairs, monitor, keyboard, computer, telephone, lamp ect. - in has been working like a charm. Now it has been even more optimized so that distribution of all elements are run by the same macro. This makes it possible to either gather all elements  in one setup OR separate them in each rcsetup, and thereby come around the material obstacle.

Here you see an example of the rcOffice setup in use:

Good! Now I want to make the setup even more detailed distributing clutter like, pencils, pencil pots, papers, paper piles in various sizes, and a ton of other things you see on an office desk. But I’ve come to a crossroad where I have to choose side. Maybe you can help me?

The options, from my view, is .....
A) Either to distribute each item with various random translation settings, giving big flexibility to some extend, but also great risk that the items will collide, due to the random transforms - which will be impossible to manage. You can only keep scrolling the ???? until you get a lucky draw, which is rather unlikely.

B) Alternatively you can make multiple “baked” mesh setups of all standing on the desk, and then just select them randomly by RailClone. This option will need quite a few variations, so I’m afraid that that will give quite a heavy RC setup, and not specially memory friendly.

I have tried with a hybrid, so that all “heavy” clutter like lamps, monitors and keyboards are managed as individual items in RC and the light stuff like papers, pencils, folders are “baked” together as one object (in 4 or 5 variations) and then distributed randomly per desk. See the top image. It still isn’t good - the chance for things colliding is for to big.

Making a mixed setup using ForestPro together with RailClone has been in my thoughts, but I’m just afraid that it will be too hard to manage which things will come where, resulting in an odd look.

Any suggestions?
Lars Egerrup
LKE Design



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Re: Officlutter on an office layout
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2019, 08:57:07 AM »
Looks perfect to me as it is. Seems like You got figured it all out with pros and cons.
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