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Author Topic: Get Y Height From Marker Data  (Read 343 times)


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Get Y Height From Marker Data
« on: January 03, 2022, 09:02:32 PM »
I'm having trouble using marker data to specify the y height of an A2S...

I have an X spline with a marker at the very start, with a value in MarkerData 0. If I build a RC object based on that spline and attempt to get the height from the marker data via an arithmetic node I get the error "No size or spline on Y". If I evaluate the expression with PRINT instead of RETURN it gives the correct value from the marker data.

Any tips on what I'm doing wrong?


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Re: Get Y Height From Marker Data
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2022, 09:23:50 PM »
This is a limitation. Some RC features are evaluated only at the start and can`t be changed by some parameters.
Itoo has a list of what can be changed by UserData.
I had a lot of requests for the Marker Data usability and apparently, this was only what can be done without deep changes in the program core.
The workaround will be the nesting either to the Master L1S or to the Master A2S with some large Y size number. I`m attaching a scene file with some simple solutions.

X Offset
Y Offset
Z Offset
X Rotation
Cap Holes

For No Slice
Clipping Z Rotation

Default Segment

X Evenly
X Evenly Distance
X Evenly Count
X Evenly Adjust
X Evenly Justify
X Evenly Adaptive
X Evenly Adaptive Mode
X Evenly Extend
X Evenly Reverse
X Evenly Mode

Y Evenly
Y Evenly Distance
Y Evenly Count
Y Evenly Adjust
Y Evenly Justify
Y Evenly Adaptive
Y Evenly Adaptive Mode
Y Evenly Extend
Y Evenly Reverse
Y Evenly Mode

Padding Top
Padding Bottom
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