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Author Topic: wishlist: Copy / paste multiple similar to lightroom - solution for multi edit  (Read 943 times)

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Heya Folks!

There was a similar request a while back about multi editing of parameters on similar operators. As with a previous poster, I was applying box mapping to about ten segments which I wanted to match. Some of the segments parameters were different which disallows the option of deleting and clone multiple plus the reconnecting of the various segments is a pain in the ass!

What'd be nice of course is if you multi selected similar operators that entering values in to an operator would cascade across the lot - a few other programs that do this will do something like put dashes into the value boxes of parameters where values differ and display the values of parameters where the values match.

An alternative if this is awkward with the current ui could be something like lightroom - here you can right click and choose to copy develop settings from a raw file - a window will appear with tick boxes that let you choose which of the settings you want to copy in one go. Then when you paste you get the chosen settings applied to all the selected images. Would it be possible to do something with railclone? If the floating window idea doesn't work, how about contextual right clicks for the copy? Something like clicking on the name of a single parameter copies only that, right clicking on the heading of a group of parameters (the likes of random transform or the box mapping controls) lets you copy all of that group's controls in one go, then you'd have a right click and "paste multiple" which would then apply that to the selected operators where applicable.

Likewise export parameters and attributes is a little slow if you want to have a lot of things driven by a single float input - would it be possible to have export parameters on the right click menu work on multiple operators at once?

Thanks again for a great piece of software, it's constantly surprising!


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Hi, sorry for the delay in replying (due to holidays), and thanks for your suggestions.

I know that multi-editing is a very demanded feature, but unfortunately Style Editor is not prepared for that. We tried a couple of workarounds, but couldn't a solution which not require a deep rewrite of the code.
We'll think on your suggestions and take a look to it again.

Regarding multi-export, i think it can be done more easily. We'll try to include this feature in RailClone 3 (which is being developed actually).

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software

Screenscene vfx

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Much appreciated Carlos.