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You can use the Expand property to increase the size of the array beyond the perimeter of the spline before it is clipped, and then use the X and Y offset controls to slide it around.

I hope that helps,
Forest Pro (*) / Re: Constant Alert About Mental Ray Missing....
« Last post by Paul Roberts on September 23, 2021, 05:54:31 PM »

Unfortunately this is a side effect of Autodesk removing Mental Ray from recent versions of Max. Even if it wasn't used, MR dependencies are present in files saved in older versions of MAX (which our have to be for compatibility)

You can see a thread here with some workarounds:*)/missing-dll/ and we also added a feature in Forest Pack 7 that should avoid Mental Ray missing DLL errors loading Library items, or loading scenes which use Forest presets.

I hope that helps,

RailClone Pro (*) / Re: Mixed License/Installation use
« Last post by visionsbox on September 23, 2021, 03:29:53 PM »
We're using Royal Render:

I checked it again and with "Distributed Rendering" it works as expected. Then something must go wrong with Royal Render. I'll contact the support and get back when I know more.

Thanks for the hint!
Forest Pro (*) / Constant Alert About Mental Ray Missing....
« Last post by biglittlepictures on September 23, 2021, 03:00:35 PM »
First of all... of course it is.
Second, How can i stop this message, apparently all of the Forest Pack assets have MR instance mentions in them.

Missing DLLs Alert box...
mrMaterialAttribs.gup mental ray custom attribute

How can i stop this in max 2021.
RailClone Pro (*) / Re: Mixed License/Installation use
« Last post by iToo on September 23, 2021, 01:33:58 PM »
What render software do you use ? Backburner or other ?

When plugin is rendering on unattended mode (Backburner, Distributed Rendering, Batch mode, etc), it doesn't fetch any license from the License Server.
This has not changed, and it should not be affected by the version of the License Server (because is not used).

Instead, if you render manually from the workstation, then a license is required. Basically our software works in the same way that Max licenses.

Me again - hehe

Now that the setup is working - I would like to align the horizontal lines of mutliple railclones with one another (see attached). I'm thinking to export the parameters so I can change them on the fly as I attach them to splines.

I just do not know exactly how to shift the entire array as X-offset just shifts it in a direction leaving me with gaps between te geo and the clipping spline.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
RailClone Pro (*) / Mixed License/Installation use
« Last post by visionsbox on September 22, 2021, 05:37:46 PM »
We rarely use Rail Clone or Forest Pack - that's why we only notice that today.

We have one (!) network license that the artist who needs it can get. For this I installed the "network" version on all computers in the network. We use computers here for rendering but also as a workstation.
ince version 1.5 of the license server this is no longer possible. Now only the single computer in the network that currently has the network license renders. All other "rendernodes" get stuck with Railclone or, in the case of Forestpack, do not load the elements.

What did i miss? What can I do? What am I doing wrong?

Excellent - glad we could help out!


Hi Robert,


Thank you very much for the help.

As you can see herewith - the problem has been solved perfectly.

Kind regards!  8) :D

Thanks for the question. I think in your case you don't need to use the sequence operator. Just wire your full-size segment directly to the Conditional Node's false input, and then the other segment wired directly to the True input can have its X Scale randomised to create the offsets per row.

I hope that helps,
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