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Create a parquet floor

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Can anyone advise on the best way to create a Hexagon Parquet Flooring like the attached image?



Michal KarmazĂ­n:

I would suggest you to check the "Composed hexagon and transform issues" thread, where you can also find sample scenes available for download. Hope that helps.

Best regadrs,

hello. old thread but...

so why do we need 2 sizes of bricks or floor boards for this in the very first part?  1 full length and one 1/2 length when they end up being all the same length?

Hi grue

I think video explained that part quite well. anyway- half size segments are used to create running bond pattern. They are used on every other row, as a first segment:

ha right after i posted it, i realized it only used the 1/2 bricks for the ENDS ONLY ugh.  so yeah i know why now.

here's where i'm heading - is there a way to create a running-bond brick wall that actually contains 1/2 bricks, every 3rd full brick or in a pattern i define?

is it as simple as adding a sequence to the "full brick" part?


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