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Scattering on Vertical Surfaces

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Michal Karmazín:

It sounds like, you're using the XY mode and your surface coordinates doesn't correspond with intended Forest object orientation (for example a plane created in front view will work differently with Forest objects as another one created in Perspective / Top view).

To cover all parts of your object I would suggest you to use the UV mode instead (using UV coordinates instead of XY projection). Please feel free to check our on-line reference guide for more detailed info. As mentioned there: "The UV mode uses the mapping coordinates of the surface as alignment guide for the Distribution map. This mode is best used on rough terrains or to scatter items over convex 3D objects (as a sphere). Note that using this mode, the UV coordinates must be precisely defined to get a coherent result."

Hope that helps.

Best regards,

Thank you so much it helped a lot indeed!
But now I'm facing another problem, my mesh (here in foreground : axis don't adapt to the walls uv. I mean it should scatter 90° from the walls but here it just stays vertical... I read the tutorial you gave me but it says "When "Scale to fit" is enabled, the Direction value is fixed to 0 (Normal aligned). This feature is not used on UV mode." Since I'm in uv mode I'm a bit lost.

Thank you for your time!

Michal Karmazín:

You're welcome. Though the Scale to fit sloped areas option isn't available, it's still possible to change the Direction value - setting it to Normal (0) should fix it.

Best regadrs,

It worked! Thanks for the fast feedback!
Very usefull Tutorial Tks!!!

One question: how to fix the normal direction of the mirrored wall so that the  plant scatter seems to be face to face and not with a parallel distribution? you have the problem in the end of the tutorial in viewport but not in render. I did you solve it? many thanks...


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