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Scattering on Vertical Surfaces

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Paul Roberts:
Post here your questions and comments about the Scattering on Vertical Surfaces tutorial.

Thank You.

Wrong link in vimeo video description.

Paul Roberts:
Thanks Rokas. Fixed!


I am trying to apply this technique to simple planar walls, so no UV mode used.
The scattering itself works.
I then need to limit it to a boundary, but the Edge mode doesn't work. According to the tutorial it should :

--- Quote ---Let's start by taking a look at how to scatter of vertical planar areas, which has the advantage of retaining all of Forest Features including edge mode, spline painting and more.
--- End quote ---
I set it up as I would for any FP : add the spline to the Areas list, deactivate the Surface Area and check "Edge" in Boundary Checking. Is there anyhting else to ado when dealing with a vertical surface ?

Thank you.

Hi everyone!
I'm trying to put my itoo forest on the walls of my room, but the scattering remains on the floor even with the pivot changed to fit the normals of the walls. I can align the forest object with the pivot so it sticks to the walls but whenever i change one single parameter in the edit mode, the proxies dissapear...
I've really no idea of how to do...
Thank you
Here's an image of my room :


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