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Author Topic: Lawns, Meadow and carpet flicker animation rendered with vray  (Read 296 times)


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I've made a simple animation where I'm moving through an apartment. Here the carpet flicker incredibly much, and there are also a lot of white sparks in the carpet.

I've also tried a simple animation with grass and meadow, and it's the same result.

Is there anything special I need to be aware of when I make animation with the front pack?

password: carpet

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Re: Lawns, Meadow and carpet flicker animation rendered with vray
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2018, 11:13:44 AM »

Unfortunately, there is not a simple way to eliminate all noise / flickering, since it depends on the render engine and it may have multiple causes (GI, AA sampling,...). Please feel free to take a look at the following link. It includes useful information regarding this topic and some tricks:

In case you're using the V-Ray renderer, I would suggest you check / ask on the ChaosGroup forum. Many of their members are experienced users of Forest Pack, and they can suggest you other useful settings.

Hope that helps a bit.

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