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Author Topic: SHould i use Tree Meshes (Editable Mesh/ EditablPoly) or should i use Vray proxy  (Read 2175 times)


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I am a little confused about what types of custom objects I should be using in my ForestPro.  I am scattering  thousands of trees around a large surface.  There are 3 different tree species in in my forest pro geometry list.  Should i convert my trees to VrayProxy first or does that not matter?

And under Display--Render tab should i use Render Mode Automatic? Or Meshes?

I want to reduce files size, render time and viewport performance in any way i can.


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Forest can handle any type of geometrical object (as Editable Mesh, or any object convertible to it) as well VRay Proxies. The performance is almost the same and there is only some differences in memory impact, in all cases Forest transforms the data to the VRay native render primitives. In the following post you can see the pros and cons between objects / proxies:

About the display mode, you should use allways in "Automatic", because it enables the generation of native primitives at render time. Using the Mesh mode the plugin acts as simple geometrical plugin, it generates a big mesh with all trees inside.
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