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Thank you Paul.
All make sense.
Just for Example "3 - Marker Data not working on the second generator".
I kinda assumed that the Arithmetic/Expression node will get the Value from ##.XMarkerData and I could use it as usual value like e.g. Numeric node anywhere in the active Style.
I`m testing Beta on some large scale Style with a lot of Macros and staff  ;). So some times I get the need for some option like Z Offset for Generator. But as You pointed, there has to be some limitation to avoid potential issues. Fortunately, RC is so flexible so one or two Transform operator will do the work.

The real-time calculation could be slow if Style is complex especially during some Spline editing.
Although, I have a lot of fun working with RC4. A Huge leap from RC3!!! 

Best Regards
Hi Dragan,

Thanks for the question - I will take each in turn.

>> Marker Data values have no influence on parameters for Geometry Offsets.

Yes, I'm afraid this isn't really what markers are designed for. For example, you could have multiple makers on a spline each with different data, in that case RailClone would not know which marker's data to use. The Generator's rules, including offsets, apply to the whole of each spline attached to the generator. At present you cannot change them mid spline I'm afraid. Instead, you could do this using the Transform operator.

>> Example 1 - Using markers at position 0
It seems you have solved this one already by adding a Null segment to the Marker's input, but it relates to the explanation in the second example....

>> Example 2 - Marker replaces start segment

The marker will indeed overwrite the geometry in the start segment. This is because Markers can not occupy exactly the same position as other markers, vertices, evenly segments, the start, or the end. Internally the spline is divided by all these inputs, and you cannot divide the same position twice. When evaluating spline divisions that occupy the same position, the order is as follows: Evenly, Corner, Start, End, Marker. As you can see - marker overwrites all other types.

If you do need geometry in exactly the same place as another input, one solution would be to use another generator.

>> Example 3 - Marker Data not working on the second generator.

This is because of the way you have written the expressions. To access the marker data you have used the dot syntax used to specify a specific generator:

return A.XMarkderData[0];

The A refers to the generator's name, so it won't work on another generator. This syntax is intended for use with nested generators for when you need to specify which one you wish to access the data from. In this case though, there is no nesting so you can simply use:

return XMarkderData[0];

And it will work with every generator to which it is attached.

I hope that all makes sense, please let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best,


thank you.. i'll have a look into that..
OK - after a little research, you might find some of the suggestions in this ADSK post help.

It seemed to work for me using the System or System(Enhanced) options.

Hope that helps,

I got more issue or non-logic behaviour:

btw. I Can`t Select RC icon in viewport by simple LMB, instead, I have to do a rectangular selection. 

RC Spline Marker is set to Start/0 Percentage

please follow these steps on the startup file:

1. A Transform to Default (Generator A)
2. Arithmetic A_0 to A Transform/Z Fixed Size
3. Arithmetic A_1 to A Transform/Y Fixed Translation
4. fixed > NULL to Marker

1. A Transform to Start (Generator A)
2. Null to Marker (Generator A)
The Marker Segment will overtake the Start Segment and this is ok but maybe it will be good to have an option for Marker Segment to co-exist with other since Marker Segment could have some different Parameters set by User Data

1. B Transform to Default (Generator B)
2. Null to Marker (Generator A)
3. Arithmetic A_0 to B Transform/Z Fixed Size
Why A.XMarkerData[0] does not affect to B Transform/Segment connected to B Generator?

Thanks for the message. Unfortunately, the options panel for paint is a built-in max interface that we cannot control. The same UI is seen in Vertex Paint, Edit Poly's Paint Deformation, the ribbon's free form tools and a few other places. I've double-checked and they also suffer from this issue when using scaling over 100%, it seems even in 2020.

I'm afraid, there isn't much more we can do from our side as that interface is completely handled by max itself. Thanks for your understanding.

All the best,

Would it be possible to make "option panels" resizable?

I've troubles setting the brush-size of area paint with 4K display and 125% scaling in windows 10 .... 100% scaling might be an option to work around this, but then everything is supertiny on a 27" display.

RailClone Pro Beta / Marker Data have no influence on Geometry Offsets
« Last post by Dragan on September 19, 2019, 11:17:09 PM »
Marker Data values have no influence on parameters for Geometry Offsets.

Forest Pro (*) / Re: Very slow forstpack command pannel
« Last post by iToo on September 19, 2019, 04:26:28 PM »
Thanks for your feedback.

It seems they are different issues, specially between RC4 and FP6.
We'll investigate them, although for some reason we cannot reproduce any delay in our tests, using different computers and Max versions (except the known issue with Java tasks).


Big thanks for reporting it - with your help, we've been able to reproduce this unwanted behaviour here too - it has to be investigated more in deep by our main developers. Once again, thanks for your feedback, it's very important for us.

Best regards,
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