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Forest Pro (*) / Re: Forest Lister Crash
« Last post by iToo on Today at 10:57:11 AM »
We have identified the problem. It's caused by duplicated names in the Forest objects.

It's already fixed for the next update. Until then, the crash can be avoided using unique names for the FP objects.
RailClone Pro (*) / Re: Complex Windows
« Last post by James Vella on Today at 10:26:51 AM »
Thank you for the help Rokus! I have it fully working now and animatable (mullion widths remain consistent as the spline changes length/width). Ill post up a tutorial of this soon as I think Im seeing more people interested in windows for railclone and I have a few more I want to do with different types of layouts and parameters - all parametric so you can swap out the window pieces with your own or chanege lenghts/widths for your own (or to match CAD) :D

Forest Pro (*) / Re: Forest Lister Crash
« Last post by Rokas on Today at 08:31:13 AM »
Thank You for reporting. This is in our bug list already.
Forest Pro (*) / Chaos Group Phoenix Issue
« Last post by wjc_3d on July 21, 2018, 08:30:47 PM »
I just posted an issue about using an LOD object with FP (*)/lod-objects-not-rendering/)... and that stops this "rendering some frames, but not others" issue, but we have a different issue with Chaos Group's Phoenix FD.  We have a vehicle driving through the smoke created by the Phoenix FD sim, and while the camera is inside the smoke, non of the FP objects render. 
Forest Pro (*) / LOD objects not rendering
« Last post by wjc_3d on July 21, 2018, 08:08:31 PM »
Looked in the forums and didn't find anything, so I think it's something I'm doing wrong. 

I have an LOD FP object that has 4 items in it, with the values normalized.  When we render, some frames render, but other frames don't.  We couldn't figure it out until I just decided to replace the LOD object in FP with a mesh.  Then everything rendered fine. 

Is there something I should be looking for?
Forest Pro (*) / Forest Lister Crash
« Last post by SC3393 on July 21, 2018, 12:16:47 PM »

This last week I had experienced a strange behavior when working with forest pack. In my office job, every time I select the all the itens in from Forest Lister, Studio Max crash. Ok maybe the problem is with the file itself. But in my personal computer, I´ve open a different file/different job. It happen´s again as you can see by the picture attached.

But if I select each one of them separatly doesn´t crash the file.

Thanks in Advanced
RailClone Pro (*) / Window wall (again)
« Last post by Dragan on July 20, 2018, 03:33:42 PM »
I have new challenge.  ;D
I need to setup a Window Wall (pdf)

1. My attention is to use L1S because I want to play with different Material ID Limits.
2. I would like to have option for randomly window open.
3. I CANT use Nested segment for the Window  (the red one) UNLESS there is a way to keep Windows Frame width.
4. Generator should have some parameters for Master Height (HEIHGT), heights position  for horizontal bars (H1 & H2)

Main issue is how to do opened windows. I guess COMPOSE operator will do the job but I STILL have problem to understand it.

I placed some element in the scene so if anyone  have time to play around and give some ideas..... ;)

Best Regards

Brilliant :)
thank you
Wow, that was simple!! Thank you for finding what the issue was.  :D
RailClone Pro (*) / Re: Railclone 3.2 and Crossmap 1.5
« Last post by iToo on July 20, 2018, 11:36:08 AM »
We have received the reply from Vizpark team: the problem was caused by the differences between V-Ray 3 and V-Ray Next.

Please, put a support ticket in, and they will send you a custom patch.
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